Sunday, August 18, 2013

Is it possible to content and discontent at the same time?
I’d like to think if it is possible to be rich and poor at the same time (yes it is)… then contentment can be simultaneous as well.
I’d like to say that I’m content at the moment but then at any given moment I can think of many thinks I’d like that I don’t have, many things I’d like to do that I can’t see possible …and oh all the Liu Jo bags Id like to buy at the moment …
But then you began to think what true contentment really feels like ….I’ve FINALLY realised that it has nothing to do with being happy in every situation in life …and well how boring would life be if we were completely happy…. What would our goals or challenges …or the next steps in life?

I couldn’t imagine life being it…Go to Uni…Get married…Have a career… Have children…and then what...just live life…BORING…
But I know so many people who this is what LIFE IS for them that is...and I just couldn’t imagine the grind of life
...always trying to make more money so that we can do more and spend more money to make more money to buy more things and give more to our children…so that they can grow up and make more money and spend more money and give more money to their children….and so on.
I have never ever wanted this life and nor do I ever want to become a person who is content with this sort of life.
I’m often asked ...when will you ever have another child….my answer…umm Never (I hope) ….when will you go back into your career….my answer...I don’t know if I will…why work if you don’t have too...or why not start something new, or why not challenge yourself to learn something else...if you need to make money so be it and make money to pay your bills, but do something else to live life.…why’s just life…which in my opinion is meant to be lived.

But how can so many people not live life to be lived…why would you choose for ‘JUST OKAY’ when you have a life that is engaging and exciting and challenging with something new every year?
I suppose contentment for some is just living the motions .day in and day out. Maybe this is happiness to them. To each their own.
But for me when I get mind starts to move in horizontal zig zag motions and things get jumbled all together like a tossed salad…however my brain is less tasty…sorry folks…

Lately I’ve been bored and re-evaluating my goals, desires and needs. I’ve come to the conclusion AGAIN…I’m content! I like where I am….even though some days are a bit more lonely than others...however I still want more.
Ive been a housewife for almost 5 years…and I’ve been a mum for almost 3 years, even though LIvvy has brought about all new challenges and excitement to my day to day routine, Im now at a place where I’d like to make an impact on this earth again. I love changing lives for the positive and helping others and although this is a day to day thing for me …I’d like to do it in a more formal atmosphere. What does this mean? Who knows….besides I’ve only just come to this conclusion. I’ve got a few ideas stirring around, a few suggestions from our church…from fellow amici….so I’ll keep you all updated when the time comes.

Over the 34 years in my life I've lived in 4 countries and I can honestly say that my life in Italy is so far the most adventurous and exciting part of my life. (Although Australia was adventurous and ummm interesting)
Here is one reason why…Today we went for a drive...a normal Saturday thing to do when you have no plans for a nice sunny day. After driving for 1.5 hours….stopping for lunch and driving home. Here is what we saw.

6 Large tractors on the road...2 so large we could barely drive along the other side of the road of it

10 Gorgeous Churches

6 Castles

An entire city inside a Roman wall with a moat in which there is only one way into the city and one way out

A man on a bike pulling a trailer full of watermelons ( I still have no idea how he was doing it)

A man with a tractor parked at the petrol station blocking two petrol pumps and attached to his tractor was a trailer full of fruit for sale

A woman in a motorised wheel chair going around the roundabout at about 8 miles per hour. Bless her

4 half naked girls sunbathing on the river where the water has dried up on one side …like it was a beach…

A really really really heavily large man on a tiny old scooter….driving on the side path.

About 50 old men sitting on the side of road in plastic chairs talking about who knows what staring at you as if they had never seen an English car before.

A restaurant full of amazing paintings only to realise they were all painted by the owner of the restaurant...who was once just the cook at the same restaurant, left to travel the world, studying painting and cooking only to return 10 years later to buy the restaurant and make it his own. Now that’s living life to the fullest.

So …am I happy…ABSOLUTELY
Am I content….Yes and No
For now I’ll just continue to enjoy the my new home…Italia.


  1. Very intriguing journey as usual. I will have to read it through again later. Good stuff.

  2. You've got.a country!! Great blog :-)
    Laura ez