Saturday, May 19, 2012

This photo is a very very old photo with my Italian family..its very special to me as this was the day we first discussed (half italian/english) that we would one day live near them in Italy, this was in Australia over 5 years ago.

The funny thing about planning a big move is how fun and stressful it can be all at the same time. When we left Australia everyone thought we were off our head from every moment we planned to go, until the moment we actually left. And the funny thing is that even after we had boarded the flight and landed in London we were continuously asked when we were coming home. As it turns we haven’t planned to return any time soon…and actually moving even future away. We haven’t really let many people on to the idea that we’re looking to move to Italia soon, but it’s quite interesting to see the responses from our friends who have been let into the loop...its like the same experiences all over again. But the best part of our move this time is that we are fully prepared for various opinions. Most people find it fascinating yet sad to hear of us going away...and then you still have those who think it’s a silly decision to make…especially with a small child. After all how could you expect someone to understand your dream for something they don’t desire? I sort of give them a nice smile and think whatever I want in my mind. Hopefully none of them are mind readers…yet if they were I’d imagine they probably would have stopped talking to me a long time ago.
The more we discuss our decisions the more we feel at ease about it all. Well when I say WE I really mean the man I married. I love when something unfolds in his head at some random moment…such as when he says…

Him: ‘oooh hunny I think it would be good for us to move to Italy because if we did then blah blah blah…’. Or ‘oh it’s a great time and idea for us to live our our dreams now because blah blah blah…’
Me: ‘Yeah as if I didn’t tell you that months ago…’

Yep that’s when I go into inside thought mode again. And I’m defiantly sure that He isn’t a mind reader as we are still married.

Although he is very happy about living in Italy..its great to see that his eyes are even more so open to see a small glimpse of what I see within Italy and hopefully we will actually see the same picture that we imagine life to be like for us…reality you just never know. I mean honestly I never saw life the way it is for us in the Uk 4 years ago before we moved here. So this time I won’t even attempt to imagine too much about what it could be. What I have learned from my countless hours of research is to just go with the Italian is completely different and well to be honest...this is what excites me the most. As overly organised and critical of planning ahead I am, I’m actually looking forward to the unexpected outcome of our future. Mind you I’m just hoping and praying it will happen to be the outcome where you say: ‘wow never thought it could be this good’ hahahaha

So now it seems much more official. We are moving next year to Reggio Emilia. Now let’s see how long it will take us to decide which month next year….


  1. Nice photo! It's nice to be able to connect to people in such a special way. One of the best gifts in life are the beautiful people you meet along the way, who become family and become part of your journey.

  2. I agree never know who could enter your life at any time..I can honestly tell you when I met my best friend Consuelo the very first thought that came to mind is ...ooh what if she was my first Italian girlfriend...but then thought naww...she doesn't even speak English..hahahaha