Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sometimes I feel like Italia and I have a love hate relationship! For the most part it's full of love but sometimes it's pure hate!
Tonight I was reminded of that sort of hate that completely slaps you in the face! Sort of slaps you in an Italian style know like kisses goodbye, not just once on the check but once on each side and then a third kiss for good luck as they say in Italy! Slap slap and slap again!
Each sides of my face was burning red!
Firstly I was jerked about with our B&B, so we finally decided to stay in a halfway decent apartment in the city which we left upruptly once we were rudely told by the owner that we were stupid for wanting an apartment with a separate room so that we could enjoy our evenings when our daughter went to sleep! He said I rather loose money than do weird business like this so I'll just give you a studio apartment on the ground floor instead as you should be sleeping in the same bed with your baby anyway... Funnily enough he started to change his mind and chased after us as we walked out! So we moved pn and spent the next three hours looking dor something sutable, call me snobby but the holiday is just isnt going to cut it!
Finally thanks to zia Vanna we found a perfect place in the hills of Albenea over looking the city of reggio emilia!

So off to dinner we went were I was studiedly probed into believing that rissotto with strawberries would be a fab idea by my waiter here in albenea! "Rissoto con fragole e stupendo!"

Mehhh it was amazingly vile! My nearly 2 year old whose favourite food is risotto wouldn't go near it! If that wasn't enough the table behind us spoke about us in Italian with insults! To which they thought I didn't understand! They moved their bags and silk jackets making comments about my daughter touching them! As she was moving about a fair bit! They also commented about "my kind of people"! Every time my daughter walk around our table near there's they would clinch there bag which were on the back of their chairs and even gave comments to each other at the table as to say hey watch your bags or jacket, implying we would go through them or something?? I'm not sure as I didn't understand all so I just wanted to leave and let my good friend speak up for me!
But as we took or bill we realised that my daughter was charged a sitting charge! We have come accustomed to paying a sitting charge in Italy but really for a 1 year old who didn't make a mess, didn't fuss about and sat in our lap for majority if the time...and most important she didn't eat anything! And on top of that they charged us for the horrible risotto that they suggested an insisted on yet we couldn't stomach! After already feeling deflated I had to deal with this mess which ended with a full on blow out with my friends and the owner and cashier at the restaurant! Naturally o stood there doubfounded as they talke far too fast for me to understand anything!
As if we needed anything else to cause the table of old silken bats to hate us any more! It was horrific!
Then as we were standing outside having one last over view of the situation between us (after we have paid of course) the cashier kindly brought us €2 for my daughters sitting fee...maaaaa vaffanculo!!

15 minutes of arguing with the cashier followed by three more cigarettes!! Not by me of course!!!! After refusing to take the money we happily filled or bellies at the gelateria!

See it was a happy ending after all!

So now I'm cuddled in my bed at the best little agriturismo I've ever experienced! We love or apartment and we love everything about this place! We feel at home! So as I feel deflated, embarrassed, worn out and insulted I still feel loved!

Dear Italia we really need to work on our relationship tomorrow!
Love always Jessa!


  1. Sorry you had to deal with all this, but as you know : Tutto il mondo è paese ! Meaning that this is a situation you can find anywhere and living in Italy for more than 30 years, I'd surely say anywhere in Italy. There are nice people and rude people. Normally in pubblic places they are nice, inviting and good hosts but there are always exceptions! But I'm happy you found the agriturismo that I know is a nice place. Benvenuta in Italia !!

  2. Thanks so much Sally..and I am thankful to have found a great friend like you!! looking forward to the future!