Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well what can I say?? eccomi!! - Here I am!

I suppose Its only fitting and proper to introduce myself being that this is my very first post. My name is Jessica...Jess..Jessa...Jessabella (no not jezzabelle). Depending on my mood I may refer to myself as either..dont be alarmed I assure you I in fact do not have multiple personalities. However I can not promise that most of my rants and raving on this blog will make much sense but always feel free to comment, ask questions or even have an out loud giggle at my nonsense.

As this blog is created to follow my journey of (hopefully sooner than later) moving to Italy, you may find other topics floating about, such as quick injections of cuteness ...such as this

Isn't this the cutest child you have ever laid your eyes upon..yes I agree with you..she is ...
This is in fact my lovely daughter Olivia...and this photo was her very first full day in Italy. She in fact loved it..not because she had been dosed with an enormous amount of Vit D (which I should mention we are lacking here in the UK), and not even because she was being showered with hugs, kisses and gifts from our close Italian friends...but infact the food ..yes.simply because everywhere she went everyone shoved food into her face and she really could not get enough...
You might see a thread as time goes on that most photos of little miss Liv usually involve eating.


Everyone seems to ask us (my husband and I) this question we talk about where we would love to live, or our favourite foods, or our favourite way of living...or even why our daughter is learning English and Italian at the same time when neither of our ancestry involves Italian culture. If only I could simply answer the question. I suppose there are some things that are just dear to your heart..sometimes you cannot choose these things and in fact they just might choose you.

The first time I had a desire to visit Italy was after seeing a commercial about learning the beautiful language ...something clicked..something went wow...boom..pop..whatever it did..it sure didn't happen when I saw the commercial to learn Spanish, Japanese or French.
But for the next 6 months I saw this commercial..and well you know how commercials go..over and over and over..just to get you to buy that product..well I bought it ..and I was so insistent on learning Italian. Well time went on ..illnesses crept up, hospital visits, surgeries..recoveries..ect ect..a few years past and although I still dreamt of Italy the dream was put to the back of my mind. Then it all surfaced when we discovered a lovely Italian restaurant near our house. We began to visit them regularly and well after a while..we knew the entire staff..owners and all....months passed and they really took care of us..to the point that Im sure that each meal and bottles of wine we drunk should have cost more than $19AUS but somehow every time we ate there that's how much our bill was...:) After a few months I became friends with a very special girl and to this day one of my closest friends, Consuelo. We had a common desire..to communicate..she needed to learn English and I needed to learn Italian..it was a win win situation...In the end I must say that she speaks fluent English at the moment and I still struggle during an Italian conversation so I think I might have been ingannato-duped-..hahaha
Our friendship became far more than learning languages, so much so that we rarely talked about languages at all..mainly after awhile she just spoke in English..I should have known what was up then..hahahaha

All in all to make this far too long story short..we have long left Australia (did I mention we are from Sydney? oops) and now living in the England...part of that reason was to be closer to Italy. When we arrived I joined the Italian Institute of Culture in order to learn Italian as quick as possible, 5 days a week for 5 hours per day of Italian classes with 10-15 other students in my class. I continued on to the Intermediate level but for various reasons had to discontinue..then next thing you know BAM..Im pregnant..and well we all know how that goes!!!

Our dreams of living in Italy are even more so present now that we have our daughter ...the community, simplistic lifestyle, availability of culture, history and language for our daughter, did I mention the weather??? oh yeah the weather...the food, our friends in Italy whom are now like our family, and Italian men...wait no no ..did I say that out loud...OOPPS...no really the Italian people are just lovely...somehow I think we also dream of the adventure...after all who wants a boring ole life anyway..

So now we find ourselves in a place of desire, with an open door... possible opportunities arise to help us fufill our dreams: una volta nella vita - once in a lifetime- and why not.. what's there to lose...
oh right EVERYTHING...

until next time


  1. Love it. So you, you, you. I hope you get what you want so much :)

  2. oh thanks hun..hope you follow allong ot stay up to date with it all..

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  4. How really beautiful! No wonder you have been quiet for the past few days. You were working on something special! Nicely written, loved the whole look of it. Good luck!

  5. Thanks Leah....I look forward to your comments and thoughts as this journey goes on..I promise to return to our forum for more pizza adventures..tee hee

    1. Yes, Jessabella don't be so long away. We miss you and seeing your pizza creations.

      Ciao Ciao! ;)