Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I do believe I said that I will do a few book reviews from time to time..however the last two books prior to reading this one well....Im still thinking about how I feel about them..

However I finally finished a book titled: Ask me if Im happy by: Kimberly Menozzi.

When I started reading the book I knew that I needed to finish it but then as life takes hold you always tend to break at the most unwanted of times..and now that Im back onto my reading frenzy I have finally finished reading it.

So what did I think?

LOVED IT! A great romance novel which gives true perceptions of Italy.

Ill try to explain why without giving any of the storyline away....

Firstly I loved the suspense in the beginning of not knowing what was going on with the main character (Emily). The great thing is that it is so well written that you get a sense of her personality within the first chapter. You are able to actually understand how she would respond to a situation which was great.

The second lead character (Divide) is equally as great and well I must admit from first description I wanted to jump through the book myself just to grab hold and snog him...and um..cough cough..yeah .....but well ...just a book eh!! SHAME

Immediately I wanted these two to end up together and thought if they don't end up together I'm going to be angry. What I wasn't prepared for was the bumps in the road that came along with reading this book and well there were a few surprise and sexy bits that left me sweating.

I did find that at the later part of the book I got to a point of thinking..what now..there is nothing else that can happen..its all done for ..and then had a look and noticed I had only read about 75% of the book. I couldn't for the life of me think of what else could come within the storyline..but of course the author comes up with something unthinkable that ties everything get together.

I particularly loved the usage of Italian language in the book and the descriptions of food and scenery. If I had not spent so much time in Italy I wouldn't understand so much yet had Id never been I would be just as delighted to feel as though I was right there through reading this story. Its almost like you could imagine yourself sipping a cappuccino and having dinner right in the heart of Bologna. This is a great talent credited to the author because though other books I've read recently descriptiveness have become invaluable it seams. However in this book its just enough not to bore you but leave you wanting to know more. Although there is a fair bit of Italian written, you don't feel left out on what is going on..it is very well written for anyone to follow along however I did become confused a few times whether the person was actually speaking in Italian and it was being translated or either they were actually speaking in English. I didnt really care all that much to try and work it out as the storyline kept me occupied.

So what didn't I like??

Ive mentioned before that towards the later part of the book it did feel like it was going to drag on but it really wasnt so much that Id rate the book as a serious negative ..just a small niggle that I noticed. However It did pick up quickly.

Id also have to say that the character Emily frustrated me at times...I wanted her to just get over it and move on ...or see things from a different perspective...really I wanted her to just grab hold and take what she wanted..NO what she deserved.
Her personality really reflected her pain which she allowed to rule her life..but really in reality this happens all the time to the best of us ..so while I say that she frustrated me ..in a sense it was probably because she is so real and authentic. Not a perfect girl who has been hurt and has it all sorted out or simply wallowing in her sorrows..but someone who is just figuring out how to move on and be happy. Maybe her stubbourness was too much to bear as it resembled a bit of myself..hmmmm something to ponder!

All in all ..should you waste your time reading this book?


Once you start ...and work your way through a few of the saucy bits ..you will have no choice but to finish.

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  1. This is brilliant, i love the way you've described this book but without giving too much away, makes me want to get a copy myself now.
    Renee L x

  2. You really should..its a great book! I do hope she continues to write more stories...