Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A few days ago one of my bestfriends (consuelo) asked me why we counted so strange? whatttt??
I had no idea what she meant until she pointed at Livvy counting to 5 in Italian but apparently using the non European finger counting.

Ive always been thought that 1 was the first index finger 2 followed by the second finger and 3..well the ring finger.

However its not the case in Italy, well all of western europe actually . Finger counting begins at the thumb and finish with the little finger. So 1 starts with the thumb and then so on. So showing the number 3 would consist
of the thumb and two first index fingers.

And apparently this was used during war times to distinguish different cultures who might have been spies....which Consuelo pointed out to be part of plot in a film she once watched ( Inglourious Bastards)

once I thought I had a grasps of this concept I was slapped in the face with another question.....
Why do you count down 1..2..3...go....when it should be 3..2..1.. vai!

Well who knew ...and this explains all the strange looks at the park when my daughter counts in Italian uno..due...tre...vai before she goes down the slide..everyone stares...well obviously she is doing it every so incorrectly.

Why is this important..well it isn't..just thought it was interesting..carry on with your day now! Im off to now change everything my 2 year old daughter knows about counting..should be an interesting day!


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