Monday, September 17, 2012

I've been away..yes I know ..first in Italia but then decided that I didn't want to post more winging and wines SNOOOORRREE...Its completely known that Id much rather be in Italy right now and since it isn't happening at this present moment Id rather post about the good times rather than the wishful thinking crybaby posts that seem to over take my thoughts at present...

Firstly I'll say how amaazzzing my last trip to Italy was a completely different experience than usual. Instead of staying with my friends and family there we decided to hire a car and find somewhere on our own to stay. This proved to be just what we needed as our perspective of us moving to Italy has changed tremendously. We now have a greater appreciation for the Emilian Apennines. For most who know me..know that I am a beach girl at heart..after all, my all time favourite place in the world is Santa Cruz, California. Which hosts about 10 beaches throughout the city.
As much as I love the beach I have fallen almost ....yes almost just as in love with this particular area of Emilia Rogmania.

From the beginning of our journey to move to Italy we presumed that we would be only and always moving to Reggio Emilia as we have a special love and bond to the city. But on this trip we stayed in Viano which is only a short 15 min drive through the huge hills and dare I say mountains from Reggio Emilia. We then drove to Casina which was a short 30 min drive from Reggio Emilia and then finally driving to Castelnuovo Ne' Monti...which was um about 50 mins..give or take.

As we spent 4 days driving to these small towns we passed through many other villages, up and down mountains and hills, peered at large beautiful house..and some very very strange looking houses I must say as well. I saw for the first time the true countryside of Italy.
I think I must have fell in love with it at first glance which is a very very rare thing for me as I'm the over zealous analyst who has to figure out every detail of something before I can commit to loving or hating it. But I can honestly say that my heart was left within those hills as we returned to England.

We finally come to the conclusion that living within one of the small towns we drove to or through would be much more what would work for us, and now that we have come to that conclusion it makes moving so much more difficult as now we would like to experience more of the countryside before deciding where to finalise our location.

However one realisation we came to was that we may very well not even have an answer to that question (which village or town shall we move to) before we move so we are open and prepared to make changes in our decision even after we make the move.

Now that we have returned to the Uk, we are thankfully blessed with lovely warm days and cool know the ones where you curl up under the duvet with a nice book.
Well that's what Ive been doing for the last few weeks ..since I cant be in Italy I've decided to just read about it.. whether its historical Roman legends, ex-pact journals to Italy, or even romance novels about finding love in Bologna.

I've decided to not waste time wishing and hoping I was there or why our dreams haven't happened but to be thankful the the dream is still alive and that we have the means and ability to make it happen as we choose.

Now that Gaz is working again we have a new scale, plan, hope, dream, path, expectation ??? ...whatever you want to call it and which ever path God has chosen for us we are ready for the ride...

Look out Italia 2013 here we come....!


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