Monday, September 3, 2012

I cant believe I haven't put my thoughts onto paper in so long...sad I know. But the world just goes by so fast sometimes it leaves my eyeballs spinning in its socket. No really I could imagine my eyes twisting back and forth behind themselves if I didn't just sit and be still every so often. It seems however that I've been sitting more often then Id like to. I hate sitting. I hate waiting and not knowing what's going on or if things will ever turn out the way we plan them to. I suppose its more of an adventure but then on the other end it really does annoy me.

Lately Its been more annoying than that sense of adventure where you cant wait for the next thing to happen in life. So the adventurous little girl in me has decided to do something as I really do miss taking leaps of faith. In that leap we as in Gaz and I decided it would be a very good idea to drive to Reggio..after all what is the best way to get something out of your head pestering you over and over..just give in right..hahahaaha
Knowing that the drive is over 13 hours, we thought meh....why not then..however we only came to this decision at about 1pm deciding to leave the following morning. Needless to say at nearly 11pm we came to the conclusion that flying would be better so end the end we have now booked a 5 day trip to Reggio. Not really long enough feel sad (as we wish we were living there) but long enough to enjoy her great beauty.

So uncomfortably I haven't any relevant information at the moment except Im overly excited to see my home away from home...Reggio


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