Friday, August 3, 2012

Just a little update on what is going on with us ...Ive been very ill for the last week and was taken to Emergency hospital yesterday. Today is a better day as I am home resting and I have alot less pain and starting to be able to eat. Thankfully I was not having cardiac arrest which is what all the doctors thought I was. They even said my heart, blood pressure, insuline, and blood works are perfect.. in fact better than perfect. That made me feel good about what I have been doing lately as I am on a journey to loose 20lbs before we move to Italy as well as grow 4 inches of hair before we go... that's another story..anyway

The short end of the story is I was in alot of pain for 3 days ..could not even get myself out of bed and my chest had spasms of frequent pain. If I tried to eat or drink It would hurt so much I cried.

The doctors believe that I have torn a muscle near my stomach and near my surgical area. 6 years ago I had a Gastric Laproscopic Band put in so that I could loose weight despite my disease that causes me to put on excessive weight and causes my insulin to be resistant. I also have a metabolic disease which makes my metabolism nearly stop. So anyway Ive lost almost 100lbs to this day but the not so good part about this that because I tore a muscle (we think) near my stomach it has affected my surgery and to a point where I could not eat, drink or even swallow my own saliva for 2 days.

I was rushed to hospital and after all the tests done they determined it was definantly muscle related and possibly a virus as well. So was given a steroid shot and muscle relaxer. Was also given some pretty sweet pain killers. So I went home buzzing ..but about an hour after I returned home I was able to drink a cup of tea..and then later even had a few bites of food. Then had a spoonfuls of pumpkin soup for dinner. This was great news as I really feared that something more serious was going on. When you cant eat or drink and have a hard time breathing you start to think about all sorts of things..but the hardest thing to think of was ..who would look after my 19 month old daughter. Then of course I thought about....I wounder how this situation would play out if it happened in would the hospital handle things? Would they come up with the same assessment? Interesting I think..

Anyway things are getting better but as I type this I feel the need to pass out so will end it by saying Im here and the dream is still alive..hahahaha

Oh and I should also mention that Gaz has had 2 serious phone calls about short term contracts here in London it may be looking up soon...toes stil crossed and still praying for it all to turn around..but for now..thank you Lord Im alive and feeling better!

note: please forgive me if none of t his makes any sense as Im on alot of medication at the moment! :)

Here is a photo of me looking like the Borg when the paramedics were rushed to my house and hooked me up to all the cardiac machinery..This was after I called the information line for NHS to ask what we should do about the pain ect and about 10 mins later they had sent a paramedic and about 5 mins later an ambulance arrived to take me to the hospital as they said my symptoms were classic for cardiac arrest.

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  1. So sorry to read this. How scary for you. Just take it easy and recouperate. Get well soon Jessa. Sending you prayers your way.