Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I truly believe in the name of this blog Una volta nella vita...If I didn't, would I have it tattooed on my body?? mmuuhahah

no really have a look at my new tattoo with its dedication to the RE recent earthquakes and a phrase that is dear to my heart..once in a lifetime...

My heart is truly and always will be in RE..whether we ever make it there or not..so when her heart breaks so does mine.
At the moment my heart aches for many reason in this world, poverty, death, natural disasters, abuse, abandonment and lack of self worth in people. But my heart also aches for my own personal desires such as a life in Italy, a desire to help young women know that they are valued and a desire to raise my daughter within a community of love and appreciation.
So this tattoo incorporates all of this.


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