Friday, October 19, 2012

Wow has it really been a month since my last post..oh so it has..well better late than never. And this post is so worth it. I stayed far away from posting for the main reason of well..if I didn't have anything constructive or positive to say then I thought best not say anything at all..blah blah many times have our parents or guardians told us that..well umm I never listened. This time however I decided to be a good girl.

I began to feel a bit resentful of my desires and hopes ...dreams of moving to Italy and not seeing this happened put me in a bad place. So that moment on I decided to just forget about it. To be thankful for what I had here in the UK. After all we had only just moved here four years ago from Australia. I have great friends, a nice house ..the weather sucks but I suppose you just work around it for the most part. But just as soon as I began to have peace about staying in the UK longer than we desired is when everything started to change.
Gaz received a call about 4 weeks ago from an Agent that he had never even met in Milano. The agent explained that he had been refereed by another colleague that we had previously been in touch with. They discussed a job opportunity that seemed far too good to be true. The location was perfect, the money was excellent and the company was wonderful. Not to mention the project in itself would further Gazza's career well beyond where he is at the current moment.

After 4 long weeks of waiting he finally made his way to Parma today and met with the company after many phone interviews this was the meeting that would either seal the deal or cause it all to fall apart. And just as perfectly as it could have been the meeting defiantly sealed the deal as he was offered a contract almost instantly and now I have never been so happy to say that we finally have a moving day to Italy. Although Im not sure if we will actually live in Reggio Emilia or Parma itself ..they are so close to each other it really doest matter to be honest.

So as it stands 6 weeks before we how did this actually all happen so fast..Im still in shock.

Look at my happy face when I received the news!


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