Monday, October 22, 2012

Now that things are starting to settle down I've come to the conclusion that in reality it really isnt...its one of those things when you finally have a realisation of what is going on. The fact that we are actually moving in 6 weeks is starting to sink along with that everything that I've researched, studied and gained knowledge about moving has come to surface..

oh we need this
no wait what about this
oh how will we do this and that ...and how will this and that over there work out..

Oh dear Ive worked up a sweat..I need a glass of wine!!


pheeww...okay Im back... overwhelmed by just thinking of it all that Ive had my dose of red ...I can think and type a bit more clearly...

In an attempt not to overwhelm you all I shall only speak of one matter ...people..yes breathing flesh peeling humans...

Why are so many people so negative when it comes to things they don't understand or things they may have failed with...or even things they have successed with in a different manner?

I have heard time and time again....
'jess you cant do this...
or jessa that is will never happen this way'
'or we don't do it that way here...or it just doesn't happen like that'

I truly believe that those who believe in something much greater than what is on this earth can simply make anything is possible..but more than that..we as humans have been given enough complexity between our ears to figure out ways around why are so many people so fearful of just giving things a go...

I heard negativity when I chose Gaz as my husband...yes its true... was told it would never last... They were wrong..

I heard it when we moved to you cant do it that way it wont work....They were wrong

I heard when I studied cant learn in that format..They were wrong.

Gareth was told it was imposable for him to get a job in Italy as we weren't currently living there..and no one hires foreigners outside of the country let alone someone who cant speak Italian... They were wrong

Just recently we have continuously receive negativity...even down to potty training my daughter..which I must say I am completely proud of her 3 day potty training success...yes love her!!

But most relevantly ..we are now being told that we will never ever find a house until we go to Italia temporarily first ..then we will find something later and can move into something a bit permanently. Now don't get me wrong, not everyone has given us negative responses to this..and we have gotten some great advice on how we can make it happen and some great Im very tankful for those people who have shared their stories and advice. And I know I am not an expert on all things I do take what people say wholeheartedly as experience and advice..I aslo know it will be a challenge and very very slim that we will find a house before we move...but why is everyone so indisputable that it will never ever happen.....

Its great to give people advice and help out anyway you can but if a person wants to try then allow them to. I have been told .. don't even bother .. don't waste your one will every give you a batted eye..which may be so..but isn't it worth a go?? And if it doesn't happen.. wouldn't you rather you took a chance..I mean nothings loss really is it?

meh...rant over.. I'm sure you get where I'm going with all of this..the point of this post is that I'm bloody hard-headed and determined about the things I want in life..and I go after them whether people agree or not..and I never count something unsuccessful as a failure....its all an experience. Things didnt unfold the way we thought they would or had hoped when we first started this journey but wow....where we are now and where we are going is completely unexpected and we are ready for the ride...

I do take advice...and choose wisely the paths I took..Im no silly wonka or street novice...but life is meant to be enjoyed as I said on another blog...why not live it to the fullest!

Now back to my wine and cat rubbing..


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