Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where have I been..what have I been up to?? More importantly why have I been so behind with updating this blog. Well who knew it would take so much to move house in just 6 weeks. If you know me you will see that I am an organisational freak. Weird as with most things I'm pretty much laid back..but I like to have all things organised. As with really cant organise much ..its like trying to keep a toddler organised 24hours a day..just impossible. There are always unspoken rules and regulations in Italia..and then you have the things that people forget to tell you decide to change at the last minute.
Throughout this all we have remained positive and pretty much thought what will be will be.
At the moment we have found the perfect house for our family and even has a bus nearby that takes Gareth directly to Parma for work. How amazing. This entire situation couldn't have happened so perfectly..but when things are so perfect sometimes its like you are just waiting for things to fall perfection is impossible in the world. At the moment everything is perfect. However we aren't able to sign anything until we have received our Codice Fiscale. So Gareth cant even sign his employment contracto ...which means without a contract we really haven't secured our house. At the moment we are earnestly praying to receive this silly little tax code so that his contract can be written and we can finally have the ok for the house that we desire.
So for those who are reading this ..pray pray pray for us..send us your good juju as they say..we need it!!
Im confident that we will be taken care matter what happens..I know it will happen it just depends on how frustrating it will be when it happens..hahahaha
In an ideal world things would be perfectly smooth and details laid out for us all in advanced..umm yeah...WE CHOSE ITALY TO LIVE... IMPOSSIBILE!!!

So where does that leave us now??
Incredibly excited. We currently have 4.5 weeks till move date...removalists secured...packing will commence this weekend and have started to sell of things we don't need or want. So thing are happening on our end. However still waiting for my British Passport..which we are hoping will arrive in the next two weeks.

I promise to update more often..well cant really promise much with all the packing I need to get done..hahaha..but will definitely try.
baci! off to carve more pumpkins!


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