Saturday, November 24, 2012

Well here we ago again...We are now on to applying for our third house..And sadly to say this is the house that we have loved the least..but what can one do when time has come to a sort of have to take what you can get..Now we just just pray that we get this house that we dont really like very much ..and then we pray that maybe we will fall lin love with it when we arrive.

When things have become such you sit and think about the actions that you are taking and wonder if it is all worth it..traveling so far..learning a new language and leaving all of your friends behind..and then having a little one changes things too..I am also taking her away from all of her little friends that she love so very much...all to move into a drabby house with a 1940's kitchen..yes with orange cupboards and all..but when I weigh up all of my options and look at the pros and cons I sitll believe this is the best choice for our current lives.
And a rental house is as temporary as you want it to be. We have decided that if we actually are offered this house then we will take it with thanksgiving and work with what we have...all the while take our time to find the perfect house that we can move into after the winter cold is over..but for now ..we just would like a house to live in with heat and electricity.

It could be alot worse I continue to tell myself and so with that I feel completely blessed.

Last night I was reminded of the people I will miss and those who have supported our decision to move even if they didn't like it or if they didn't understand...each and everyone of them I will dearly miss for sure...especially after t he send off they gave me last night full of food and cocktails..who could wnat more!!
Roll on packing with only 6 days before the big move!! I even got homemade lovely


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