Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Well what can I say!!


I should have updated this blog ages ago but then again it has been so insane the last two weeks I cant even remember my name ...let alone fine time to shower, sleep or anything else in my days. But finally times are becoming a bit less stressful and a bit more exciting each day.

Our journey started with at 17 hour drive which went quite well considering the attention span of most 23 month old toddlers. Id have to say my daughter is stellar and slept for about half of the journey, watched tv for a quarter of journey and probably cried the rest of it..hahahah however food helped her boredom when she begin to play up. I think she did well and very proud of her..

Myself I only lasted about 3 hours of the drive and left most of it up to G.....
I remember when we entered into Italy..it felt excited yet was a bit nervous if I'm honest..however each nerve was eased when we were asked if we wanted a cafe at the local bar. of course we did ..and after a drink and chat with the locals we were all happy and ready for the rest of our journey to Viadana...

No not Reggio Emilia...
No not Parma...


No we didn't choose Viadana as a place to live ..Viadana chose us.
If you would have asked me 2 weeks ago if I was interested in living in Viadana I would have no idea what or where you were talking about so am happy to say that we absolutely love our little village..When I say little Village it may be little to us but apparently it is the largest village in Italy...so makes me wounder why its not a town instead....Im sure Ill soon find out if I ask around.

We were blessed enough to finally find a house at the last second thanks to perseverance, great friendships and great friend of a friend of a friend..
Its true what they say...Its all about who you know in Italy..and this time I am very pleased that I know someone who knows someone else who knows a very good agent that found me a house that wasn't even on the market for rent.

We left Friday evening and drove through the night and arrived Saturday about 2pm. When we arrived to the house our agent wasn't in town so sent his friend to show us to our house. The funny bit was when we arrived everyone was there to welcome us. The owner of the house, his wife, his auntie, the next door neighbor to our right, his cousin, our agents friend and his girlfriend, and the local electrician. WOW..I had not expected to have a house full of people when we arrived. They were all so excited to meet us..however no one spoke English of course..was defiantly an experience..but we loved it..
As we walked into the house we got our first reality of how huge it actually was...absolutely amazing to finally have a house that we love, I must admit we did love our house in Kent but this house would be different type of love though. There were admittedly things we didn't like ...but they are so small that the amazing things outweigh the small niggles. The only major thing was that it didn't come with a kitchen..yes a completely bare room..with only four pipes and tubes coming from the walls so that you were able to install your own kitchen..its such a strange experience when you think of a house that doesn't come with a kitchen..very foreign to us..but in Italy is normal. But this is something we knew before moving in so not something we could complain about..we had prepared to make arrangements for a new kitchen before we arrived. Fabio (our agent) agreed to take us around to help us with finding something that we could get in our kitchen very fast as most kitchens take 1-2 months just to have them put in..when you think about the electrician, and gas technician, then have the fittings done, and then build the kitchen for you. THEN INSTALL IT.

Like I said its all about who you know in Italy..and he happens to know someone at the factory/shop for furniture..so we were able to buy a kitchen and have it installed within a few days..however the only thing with this is our selection was very limited..so much so we only had two kitchens to choose from with only a few minor adaptations we were able to make to it if we wanted within a few days...so since I didn't want to wait a week for this or a month for that...all so simple but..meh siamo in Italia!!

I quickly choose the kitchen I liked and bought it. Then became the problem that the kitchen is set up in the opposite of my kitchen..the sink is on the opposite side to where my pipes are..mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
We were able to fix this ..with a hearty 300EURO price tag of course..as we have to have the gas man come out and extend the pipe..which adds another day on top of everything...So as it stands I should receive my new kitchen Wednesday or Thursday...but they are to start on everything Wednesday morning..I do hope they finish Wednesday and I can cook a lovely meal that evening ..how nice would that be...
Especially considering we have had pizza for the last two evenings.. I'm ready for a home cooked meal. But I will say ...pizza has never been sooooo good.

Now that we have been here for two nights...I can say it does feel like home. We are nearly settled in and hope once the kitchen arrives we can finally get settled. But I do think it will take another week just to catch up on my sleep..early mornings and late nights ...Im feeling the pain of no sleep today..

Doing what they do best in the car on the way to Italy..I didnt have the heart to wake them up!

the perfect little passenger

A sneak peak of my new kitchen that Ive just ordered! oooo excited!


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