Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Officially we have been in Reggio Emilia for 36 hours and I feel as though we have been for days already.
We arrived into Reggio around 1pm and the weather was even better than we could have imagined. It was definitively hot since we had to to dress for the UK departure which was cold and wet. However we imagined it would be overly hot and humid given that is how we remember our Australian summers. After returning to our family's house the first thing I had to eat was Erbazzone and bresoala. Two of my favorite foods in Reggio..and my family knows it because the table was already set with food and drinks upon our arrival even though no one was home..hahaha

You would think that we would be like normal people and have a nap, rest and relax after a flight but I suppose we arent your normal joe and jane. Shortly after filling our bellies we were off to the negozi. One of my favourite things to do on a daily basis is to just roam the shops..I love grocery shopping in Italy..I suppose because everything is new and so much to learn.. I'm always just reading the labels. I suppose this past time will grow old eventually but for now its so much off to Conard we go. We then had a visit at the Real Estate office as we had plan to just see what he had available and what sort of things we should be looking out for as everything listed on the internet is well..cosi cosi.
I would have never guessed that we would actually find a house that we would love. We decided a few weeks ago that we needed to rent for a little while in order to see how we feel about buying a house and where exactly we wanted to purchase. Also we wanted to spend some extra time saving money so that we can buy it without no worries at all..
One of the issues of renting is that 90% of properties are apartamento. Coming from living in a 4 bedroom, 3 level house we are not excited about living in an matter how luxurious it is. But we do know that this is one of the disadvantages and sacrifices we were going to need to make in order to make this move happen. So we did sacrifice and change our search to being open to an apartment as long as we had a garden for Olivia and a balcony or patio for us.
Well apparently our translation came across perfectly as the agent didn't give us any information about the apartments he had ..only about the two houses he had for rent..
Especially after reminding us that houses are never for rent so we should take one of 'his' houses if we wanted one..the cheek!
Not to mention he did speak to one of our friend about us and our references ect..and since he knew that I am unable to speak Italian as good as I would like..he assumed that my level of speaking is the same as my understanding..Stupid man..
I understood clearly that his tone as well as words suggested that we could not afford to rent a house as the one he found for us was double the price of what it would cost to rent a 3 bedroom flat. This is when I realized how much I loved my friend when his response in Italiano of course " Excuse me sir, you can look at Gareth and think anything, but to be honest he probably will make in one year more than you will ever make in your lifetime so you should be respectful."
I should mention that my friend is the most polite and respectful Italian I have ever met. He respects all the 'rules' of Italian communication so for him to speak to another professional this way was ..ummm...exciting..hahahaha. The best thing was the look on this mans face after he said it...funnily enough his tone changed after that and has now decided that he needs to arrange a meeting with the owner for us as he believes this house is perfect for us..muuhahhaha
The only bit of information we were not prepared for was paying 5 months in advance....and 3 of the months being the deposit and one being the fees for the agent..vaffanculo!! (MUM PLEASE DON'T TRANSLATE THAT) :)

Hopefully we will get a call soon so that we can view this house...although the rent is alot Im steal amazed that the house is almost double the size of our house in UK, yet still almost half the rent.

So needless to say was a successful meeting.
The night wasn't so great as Livvy was far to hot to sleep and didnt do too well in her makeshift guest bed..she actually fell out and hit her eye which left a nasty mark..I was devastated and felt so uspet that I could let that happen to her. She didn't return to bed until midnight out of fear and even still she only slept on my chest. Then woke again at 5 and 7am. So we have been a bit sleep deprived today. Even though we we are dead tired we made our way to our friends employment agency. This agency specialist in high income and high skilled workers so was right up her alley when she saw the amount of experience Gareth had in his feild ..but did have to mention twice 'you know you will never make that much money in Italia?' hahah he confirmed to her that moving to Italia isnt about money..we have no problem with that department ..but the community is what we desire in Italy.

So now as I am rushed to leave the computer Im off to make a cake with my new friend ...7yr old Daisy!! She is Carina!


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