Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life is funny sometimes! You never know how things will unfold or manifest! I suppose If you did life would be pretty boring! Predictable! And well not worth living!

Life has been petty stressful for me these days, from Gaz losing his job to completely frying my hair! Yes Fried!
Note to those Independent funky stylish ladies who may be reading this! If you have really really curly hair that is luscious and beautiful and bouncy! For the love of all things sacred don't bleach it blonde then dye it hot red directly after!

Trust me you might look like this.....
A human poodle!! My sad face was warranted as it took hours for me to comb my long locks back into a normal state! You can see its so tangled and bunched up all the way to my ears!

So you see as sad as this can be...they can also be funny! I've tried to remember that all things are for a reason and no matter what that reason is, my life will be perfectly the way it is meant to be regardless!

Speaking of perfectly! Last week or dilemma was the matter of a missing marriage certificate! How does one loose there marriage certificate?? Well I don't know but some how we did and without it I can't apply for citizenship and without citizenship I can't live long term in Italia!
Akkkk! Well in the end I found an old old copy of or official marriage document! So I gave then that at my application checking appointment! And bam they took it with no questions asked!

So in the end things are well... Moving along! Now we just pray that they will approve my application and I'll be an EEU citizen! The only thing we need after that is a job for Gaz!!

Pheww one step at a time!

See sad poodle face below!


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