Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I cant believe we have lived in Italy for just over a week..and more so I cant believe its been 5 days since my last post..wow ..I think I've lost myself somewhere between the vino, prosciutto, natale parti, coffee and ummmm general moving in.

Non the less I'm here and since I haven't much time I'll just post a few major points that I've noticed since moving to Italy....

1. The bloody Vino is something not to mess around with..after one glass I feel like I've had three or maybe four..goodness me ...walk a straight line..walk a straight line..line a straight walk...opps

2. Sky Italia are completely incompetent and overpriced..you know Im not a huge complainer when it comes to service..I go with the flow yet speak my mind to the persons in charge ..but SkY Italia are beyond understanding ...I paid 70EURO for instillation only for the instillation man to tell me it will cost me 25EURO an hour more for him to build a satellite post on the wall of my house since he couldn't get ot my roof safely..what and believe it or not ..non of the three balconies we have are suitable to face south properly...come on...and since it will be 25EURO an hour ..of course he estimates it will take him about 3 hours ..so thats another 75Euro Ill need to dish out..for a dish...haha I couldnt resist the pun....but if that wasn't enough ummmm he'll have to return to do the job as he doesn't have enough time to do it now...so we are still without proper tv and more importantly though proper internet and phone service ..siggghhh

3. Since we are on phone services...switching to our Italian phone numbers have never been so hard ...I suppose I can give thanks to my wonderful husband for this one as he didn't check to make sure our phones were unlocked..although they should be unlocked as we as we are no longer in contracts..well you know how that is ...so now we are still currently waiting for them to be unlocked..not to mention we have already opened our phone accounts here in Italy..siggghhh for paying for four phone numbers at one time!!

4. I really do think that those last 8 kgs Ive lost will be saying hello to me again pretty soon..I swear the food here in Italy is 10 times better than anywhere else I have ever lived. I know I should really not eat so much but sometimes you really cant help it...saying this as I push down my last spoonful of coffee gelato..mmmm

5. People of Viadana seem to keep a record of all people who move into the village.. apparently I am the talk of the street. soo the local fruit man says ...who conviently came to my door asking if I wanted to buy a box of oranges (which I did). How did he know where to come..oh apparently there was talk of me from the market Sunday about the foreigner with dark skin and has a baby with light skin that moved on to my road..wow..only 10 days ...word travels fast..not only that an elderly lady from across the road came by to visit after hearing I had moved in as well. Her friend (the owners mum) use to live in our house before she died and this woman wanted to see how I had fixed the place up..of course I couldn't say no.

6. Living next to the owners of your house could be annoying or pleasing...our owner Vando lives next door which means I often find him in my garden or using the spring tap on the side of the house to water his jug..why?? Non lo so! But since he is a very nice man I don't really mind as long as he remains nice. This was after all, his mums house and now he owns it so I think there are some sentimental ties to the house and I respect that..Today he paid me a visit ..as he does every other day to see how I like the house, seriously he asks me every time I see him if I like the house....which I later found out is because he really wants us to stay for a long time..the house has been empty for a few years after mum died as apparently no one can pay this amount of money to rent a house....shrugs...they should see house prices in London....

As he looked in the house he realised I didn't have anything to keep the draft out under the doors, so of course he decided it was his job to measure all doors and balconies in my house so that he could buy me something to keep the draft out..mind you I haven't felt a draft as of yet! But I just smiled and said thanks. After that he went on about how I needed rugs on the floors as marble and terracotta was too cold for a small child to play on..'yes Vando'...I have no intention to get rugs...I love looking at Italian floors too much to cover them up.

seriously would you cover these floors up?
I love them

7. I don't think I have ever had so much coffee in my life..when I had my first semi corporate job I would have a morning cappuccino, afternoon latte and then an espresso before going home ..and I thought wow this is alot of coffee...but now..I have eaten my words..I usually have a cappucinno in the morning, then an espresso in the afternoon..followed by a tea when I relax during Livvy's nap but if I have a guest then we always have un cafe...then of course after dinner we have another one...umm yeah this is typical Italian behaviour and I have no problem with sliding right into the tradition..but how did it happen..I have no idea..however somehow it feels completely normal ...I will also say that Italian coffee is nothing like anywhere else.......I remember when driving from the Uk ..the boys were really tired..as they had not slept but 2 or so hours for the entire 14 hour drive thus far..and so we stopped just after crossing from Switzerland to Italy..had a double macchiato..you would have thought someone had injected them with amphetamines directly into their veins..they were like two kids on the day after Halloween.

Im sure Ive missed something but I think Im too tired to write anymore.

well since Im still awake.....just a few more...

8. Everything in Italy takes about 5 times the amount of time it will take in any other normal country. We were prepared for this..well some what..so have only really been annoyed once so far ...which is really good..and well it was involving food..who doesnt get annoyed when hungry and waiting for food..now add in a hungry toddler..yep you have it..psycho house..this all because of course you cant eat until everyone has arrived for dinner..and as you have it three people were driving through the fog from Reggio Emilia to our house...tisk tisk..we did manage to finally eat at 10pm ...mind you dinner party was set at 7:00..hows that for tardiness..

For anyone who decides to move to Italy..and you are stuck in the situation to purchase..ummmm personal items..please learn the difference between assorbente igienico and anything that says urina or Lady on the front..trust me (look it up) ..there will be no happy hormonal days in the immediate future if you dont know the difference.

lucky number 10. I've found that Italians really do find our move fascination. They ask: How can you just move here...leave everything..with no family here? How can you just get a house or build a kitchen so fast? This usually take months for us... How can you drive here without stopping to sleep? are you crazy?? ...
and ohhhh if I have one more Italian ask me what I do for work..and then when they find out that I do not work ..they want to know why not if you have three university degrees, you can get a job surely...but how is that possiable..you have to work.. how can you live?
'è impossibile'
...and then if I tell them I haven't worked in over 4 years by choice they nearly fall off their seats..so Ive found that I'm really going to need to figure out a story to tell people so Italians can stop falling off their chairs or at-least stop staring at me with their mouths wide open in confusion.

Really would hate if something flew inside their mouths...
and on that note..Im off to bed!


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