Monday, December 17, 2012

Its been said everything in Italy tastes better than anywhere else..and sometimes in a sorry defence of our own country pride we attempt to argue this fact. After two weeks of living in Italy Id have to say that its true..Who are we kidding ..I already knew this but but thought its just holiday food..everything is better on holiday.
But its been two weeks that I've cooked for my family at least twice a day and Id have to admit that everything is much much better. Some how I can keep the exact same things that I've cooked in UK or even in Aus as well and it just tastes completely better. How is that say..simply put ..all is better in Italia...
somehow the butter is better
the milk is creamer
the meat is softer
and the veggies actually have flavour.

Two nights ago I made Mexican food and although its difficult to find common ingredients such as soured cream and refried beans..and dont even think about looking for cheddar cheese, my Mexican dinner was by far the best Mexican meal I have ever made.
Maybe it was because I made the soured cream myself from scratch and pressure cooked and refried the beans myself. Or maybe its because provalone cheese is really better for Mexican food..I don't know but even the cheep tortillia chips were nicer than what Ive found in UK.

So whatever it is ..this is definanlty a win win for us...not our waste line but for our taste buds.

In some respects the grass is green on the other side... especially in the Italian kitchen!

Apparently Italians love cibo messicano too!!


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