Sunday, May 20, 2012

Todays photo comes from my last visit to Italia..Reggio Emilia of course...I really love the pizza from our region..I know Im bias but really after this time ordering and saw what my family was coventing over..the newest thing in with fries on top..really really ...I mean REALLY...
This should be posted in Wikipedia under misconceptions to ordering pizza in Italia
....for some silly reason I thought Id get something authentic.

Sometimes the decisions we make in life are based on some really silly opinions and misconceptions. I refuse to be one of those people if I can help it... Seriously if some people knew why I chose to live and do certain things that I did they would probably think Im mad. Actually I am pretty sure that most people who truly know me well enough have come to the conclusion that I am indeed quite mad but for some reason they still choose to spend valuable time with me so meh...opppss!

Really what spurs on this topic results from a conversation over lunch today. I was telling a friend of mine about my previous post (things I love about Italy in 400 words). She commented umm and ahh..oh yes..Italy is best for this and the people are this and the atmosphere is that...
I did agree with her but I had to correct her in stating that honestly people are just people and although living in a different culture does bring on certain advantages and pleasures..we are all humans which means that there are lovley people in every country and really evil people everywhere as well. I don't want to give anyone this false idea that everything and everyone in Italy is so fantasticly perfect that there could be no wrong doing between Italians..Lets be honest they all have smelly poop just like everyone else....which means we are all the same..
Some people are really generous, loving and friendly and some people have personal agendas that spure on selfishness.

A great example was given in a group that I am apart of..this family attended a local restaurant in Italy where I should say they are currently living and had terrible service, horrible food and even had to purposely confront the owner in order to refuse paying for food they had not even eaten. From every country I have lived in, visited or even had a short stop over in the airport to, Id have to say that this happens everywhere and the response from the manger/owner or whatever she was at this famous locali resturante was appalling, I literately had to slap my jaw shut after reading about the encounter ..I really couldn't imagine someone arguing that they were a famous restaurants and because so the customers should basically suck it up, after all no one else had a problem. I think this would have lead me to being kicked out of the country at that point if it had been me..really this no confrontation to authority rule would have been lost in my mind..and I wouldn't have been thinking 'when in Rome' ..more like 'when you hear the wrath of Jessa'

Now, one who was a tourist and witnessed this event could have easily return to their home country and say..oh yeah that Italy...never going there the service wont believe how they treat their locals.
Or on the opposing side someone who is completely pro Italia could completely be turned off..ready to pack their bags and head to the hills. But I think that life is life..and no matter where you run to someone is waiting to take their misfortunes out on you...And not to sound completely negative but it is reality but the other side of this reality is that for every person who is like that there is someone who is there to completely honour and cherish you.

So really what am I rambling about ..I have no idea..its far too late for me to be posting a blog..but for those out there who think that any place they live is one dimensional (either all positive or all negative) try unveiling your eyes for a split second and see the other side of might be surprised...

All we can do in this world is live the best life we can within our means..and try to make the best decisions within our capability. I personally believe that we are created in this world to love and help those around us as best we can so in my life that's all I can do..but whilst doing so I plan to be bloody happy and have ALOT of fun and laughter whilst doing it.


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