Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've only just realised how much I love the sun! I don't mean that harsh bit of sun where you need to squent your eyes and then have an undesired itch as if you are baking and need to flip over like a roast! I mean the sun that shimmers across your body as you sit and sip a glass of wine or shine across your body with a light breeze! I'm enjoying that moment as we speak! I couldn't drag myself out of bed as where I'm lying the balcony door is open with gusts of wind and the sun is gleaming across my legs! And I LOVE IT!
The last two days I've woken up to this scenario and just lay here thanking God for the sun that finally cane to visit England.

( Dear mr. sun if you are reading this please stay! We like you even though the pasty bodies bouncing around don't seem to like you when they turn lobster red, I promise we love you!)

Even though I definantly do not need a tan, I love lying in it when I'm partially shaded and there is a breeze! Haha
Of course my brain relates everything to thoughts of Italy these days! I suppose it's a mind transitioning thing as I prepare for a life changing event!

Every morning I think about how waking up reminds me of summer mornings in Italy! It feels the same except when I look out the window or have a coffee on the balcony it is not at all the same, but none the less the weather is beautiful these days and I'd have to say is greatly preparing me for our future to come!

For now I'm just thankful the sun is here and enjoyable!


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