Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to my close friend’s family in Reggio Emilia. I made a point to ring around to everyone to see how they were after the Earthquake. It was definantly an interesting conversation with mumma Morena speaking only Italian and me…well I’m not sure what I speak Italiaglish…hahahaha
My Italian seems so great when I speak it to my daughter LIvvy…I mean she can’t tell me if my pronunciation is incorrect. But could you imagine speaking to someone in another language over the phone, long distance, whilst they are upset from a natural disaster and in their local dialect. Yes I was just as lost as you might be at the moment…We must have repeated ourselves to each other at least twice each time to make sure we both understood what was being said
The good thing is I did manage to speak Italian the entire conversation and although it was rough it made me realise how I really need to take my language skills up a notch. Being able to hold a conversation just isn’t enough. I really would like to engage a bit better and I do believe there is only so much one can learn via studying. Total submersion is defiantly key but until then I’ll be dusting off my old binders from the Italian Institute...I’ve actually realised that a lot of the content I’ve forgotten over the last 2 years. I’ve re downloaded my Rosetta Stone program and currently searching for an Italian instructor. I’m defiantly dedicated and focused on this. Poor instructed …whoever takes on the job...have no idea what they are in for…
Don’t be surprised if I began to inject a bit more Italian words or entire sentences into my blog here and there. I can’t promise it will be entirely perfectly correct..hahaha so my Italian readers feel free to correct me!! I think it might be good to even do some blogging in Italian completely (don’t worry mum Ill translate to English just for you!) :)

So for now I’ll leave you with this…
anche se la mia Italiano non è molto bene, mi sono determinato a essere fluenti!!

Can you see how excited I am in this photo?? This was moments after I ordered what we wanted from the local grocer in Reggio Emilia..and to my delight she understood what I was asking for and how much I wanted..she understood the questions I asked about the bread...and I understood her reply..I couldn't contain myself from expressing my joy...and well seems all the Italians thought it was just so 'cute' that I was excited to speak THEIR language...something they just did naturally!


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