Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today I was saddened to hear about the earthquake that stroke early hours of this morning in Bologna. It was dear to my heart even more so because I know people who are living in Bologna...and not just that in case you didn't know Reggio Emilia is only 1 hour from all of my friends and 'family' are living there. It was such a close call as I couldn't imagine what I would do if we were there right now..the thought has never crossed our mind about an earthquake since living here in the Uk..I cant even remember the last time there was one here ..or maybe Im jut simply behind a veil by not watching or reading news reports..whatever it is ..I was hurt by this Earthquake and not even in the city itself. I suppose it just reiterates the fact that I stated before in the last post..that things happen everywhere and tragic can hit you at anytime and now I must go research and prepare for this little thing called an earthquake..just in case it decides to return next year...

So bring on the new day for those who have been hurt or homes destroyed in Bologna or anywhere else in the Emilia-Romagna region..sending a special prayer out for you!


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