Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wow what an insane two days...I’ve been so busy with Livvy and entertaining her friends and their mums. It’s been completely wonderful although I’ve only just realised how much I will miss all our days together, however it made me think of what sort of friends I might come across in Italy. I’d imagine that things would be completely different but I do hope I’m able to find someone to gossip along with on a sunny day. Today we sat in the sun, drinking appletinis, kids splashing about in the pool and sandbox, whilst we laughed and yapped about my pushy neighbour. I suppose once you make a major decision in your life like moving to a different environment you come to think about how things might be and how people might perceive you. As much as one says they don’t care what others think of reality everyone cares to some capacity. I just hope that I don’t dwell or focus on that aspect of our move.

Then of course my mind always gravitates to what the appearance of my daughter might be, especially with her being mixed raced, non-Italian and well a little bit crazy...oh well who am I kidding she is a hell of a lot crazy…if you don’t believe me…have a look at todays photo… those would be my shoes after all!! hahaha

See just as crazy as her parents!


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