Thursday, June 14, 2012

Over the past week I have had the most wounderful time, spending it with my bestfriend Consu..she and her boyfriend came to visit us from Reggio. It was completely amazing and an eye opening experience as well. Even though she laughed countless times at my Italian..or lack of Italian...I loved it all the same..espeically since I laugh at her just as much when she speaks English.

Of course we talked about ..when I move this and when I move that..all things will fall into place. But the one thing that made the most difference to me was how life seemed to flow with her around. Mainly because lets be honest, having an extra helping hand when chasing after a 17 month old child makes all things better. I had no idea how much easier and more enjoyable life could be when you have just one extra person in your life. Don't get me wrong I have friends around but I think because we don't have the family interaction around we tend to miss out on just having people in your life everyday or people around who you don't have the need to ask them to do something...they just instinctively do it. It really opened my eyes to how much more enjoyable life could be in Italy, especially with not just Consu..but her family and our other friends that live very close by. I'm also looking forward to the built in babysitters which we currently do not have. hahaha

Im mostly looking forward to the constant interaction for my daughter as I think she really couldn't get enough of the attention she was receiving by the both of them, on top of the attention she receives from myself and daddy. I'm not the sort of mum that plays all day and chases and runs and laughs so am thankful that Consu is that sort of when Liv has the need to run and jump and kick and do something silly I'll call zia Consu to the rescue.

Most likely I should be writing something a bit more elaborate and indept since its been a week since my last post but ummmm I think I need to recover from this last visit as well as regain my mental state to putting my brain back to normal mode..blahhh :(
34 more days till my next visit to Italia...and counting!


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