Sunday, June 17, 2012

Im a firm believer that all things happen for a reason..but sometimes its very difficult when those reason are just too far to be seen. Im at the a turning point at this moment and not really sure what exactly my next move will be. Over the last two days loads of changes have happened to Gazza's job which means we are in a completely different situation then we were in when I first started this blog. So we now have the opportunity to actually make our move to Italy sooner than planned.

If everything goes to plan then we could be in Italy before the end of the how did this happen. It seems that the one thing that was bad news this week may in fact be the best news of the year.
The only problem is that there are a few things that must happen if we want to make our move this year...
First I need to apply for British citizenship so that I am able to live in Italy without needing a visa. Then I will need to apply for a passport but might be able to do that from Italy I believe.
The second thing that we need to do is..umm well Gazza needs a job of course. He is now on the hunt for work with his coworkers in Milan so the hope and prayer is that they will take him on much sooner than the original request was...we are talking 16 months earlier than we were speaking of before..and even then that wasn't a definite. We have even discussed me working..I know that is a huge change ...I haven't worked for 4 years..not because I cant.. just because ..well I don't want to....and if you don't need to then why should you....But when I think about possibly working in Italy I do find it a bit exciting to think about..mainly because its not the need to do it to make money but to get out and meet people...but don't get me wrong making money is great..hahaha Who knows what the next fee months will bring.

So everything at the moment seems scary, exciting and then well a little bit crazy...I cant even see what next week will look like ...


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