Tuesday, June 26, 2012

At the moment its pretty hard to remain positive with everything that is going on. My emotions are pretty wild running from place to place, which is why I have been reluctant to post anything recently. I suppose you can only say 'I miss Italia', 'I wish I was in Italy', 'why isn't this happening the way I want it to?' blah blah blah..

So I choose to spare the few readers I have with my whining..hahaha.
But what I will say is that I am truly thankful that we are still on track to moving just as long as Gaz can come across a job. He is actually a bit excited about our trip in July as we have a family friend who is an agent for international high end professionals in our area. So we are hoping that this will yield some sort of good news in the near future.
We are still going over the thoughts of doing something entirely different. A family business would be amazing but we have yet to find out what we would be good at and how we could start something that would actually be profitable. I prefer Gaz to stay in IT and I start something and then he can slowing tapper off to work with the family. Thats the plan anyway..but we know life often changes all plans in life, but the good thing about the cycle of life is often you may find yourself in situations that are greater than you could expect.

At the moment Im failing to see the greatness and just happy that we are surviving day by day..

When I say surviving I mean making passatta and bolognese whilst drinking wine and watching my beautiful daughter in the splash pool..

Life is still indeed good, just frustrating.

my lovely tomatoes cooking for lovely sauce!! mmmm


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