Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just before I decided to go to bed, I came across this video and nearly had tears in my eyes. Maybe it was the melodic verses or the beautiful photos of my soon to be home. The city that I already call la mia città. I truely do adore Reggio for everything that it is ..even its most horrible parts and downfalls that it has.
Could one seriously miss a physical place so much and if so why? I'm not sure where this deep sense of agony derives from, its completely new and maybe its some sort of signal that things are going just the way they are meant to be, but it definitely sends thoughts through my mind as I prepare to go to sleep and no doubt I will be up thinking for ages before Im fast asleep.

This past week in the Uk we celebrate the queens Diamond Jubilee ,yet my mind is still focused on my future in Italia. Ive very much enjoyed the flags, and dressing up in red white and blue. Ive loved the parties, bbqs, fun fairs for the entire family and spending time with my friends. I will definitely miss friends as we spent an entire 4 days celebrating together and I am very thankful to have them in my life, but it only makes me wonder what sort of celebrations awaits for us in Italy. And what new group of friends and family we will have to spend those times with...Its and exciting feeling, yet someone what frightening, because it will be completely different and new. So as I listen to this song and view the various beautiful photos of my city Reggio Emilia..I can only say a prayer that our future will be just as beautiful as this song and the city will remain just as beautiful as it is in my heart tonight.


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