Thursday, June 21, 2012

Well today we received the news that there will be no work for Gaz in Maliano! Atleast not at this moment but quite often things do come up so they will let us know! Then as if anything else could go wrong we have only just realised that our marriage certificate is missing! Why is this important you ask?? Well without proof of marriage I cant apply for citizenship! Without British citizenship I do not have the right to live and work indefinantly in Italy! So either we apply for a special visa for 12 months or either try to apply for another license back in Australia! What a pain! It seems like one thing after another!

Onto a pleasant side of things today Gaz has at an interview in London for a 6 month contract! So the hope is that he will get the job and then just before Christmas we can make the move!

Alternatively next March is a good time as we will be in Australia in February for a month! But now that the licenses will need replacing, we will have to wait anyway as i believe it will take weeks for to to arrive from aus to uk! Then the citizenship will take up to 4 months and then there is the matter of getting a passport so another 3 weeks! All in all thats 6 months! Haha so maybe its a sign!

Who knows what's happening here! I sure don't! And quite frankly it's driving me insane! I really did envision moving in October but you know sometimes things just don't work the way we think they should! Maybe there is a better plan for our life or that something isn't ready! Haha maybe Italy isn't ready for the Stewarts! Hahahahaha

Until next time!


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